This project, in which CIFAL Málaga - UNITAR, Amazon and the Junta de Andalucía have put their greatest effort, has started at the beginning of 2023, where thousands of people will participate in the conservation and improvement of natural areas, carrying out planting and maintenance of native trees in Sierra Bermeja (Málaga). If you want to be one of the Green Helmets, just sign up as a volunteer here.

Why participate in the Green Helmets?

Just as the Blue Helmets exist as a peacekeeping force within the United Nations, the Green Helmets seek to open a citizen space to unite hundreds of people who want to work for the sustainability of the planet.

Participation requirements:

Reservations required

Preference will be given to local people where the planting is to be done (Sierra Bermeja).

Do you want to participate in our next reforestation days?

Sign up in the following form to participate with your family or friends in one of our reforestation days in Sierra Bermeja, it's your chance to be a Green Helmet!

The day will last 4 hours and in it, a team of environmental technicians will explain all the curiosities of the environment and how to contribute with your work to reforest one of the most important green lungs of Malaga.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the working day?

It will take place in the morning or afternoon (depending on the needs of the group) and will last approximately 3 to 4 hours. The schedule will be provided to the volunteers at least one week in advance for each of the days that will take place during the reforestation project.

Does the project take care of transportation for the day or does each volunteer go on his or her own?

In the case of the participation of groups of school children who do not have school transportation, the management of transportation to the reforestation area will be agreed upon. In the case of the participation of a group of workers, the company for which they work will be in charge of transport management. In the case of participation of individual volunteers, each volunteer can organize their own transportation to the meeting point, or in certain cases and depending on the area, the organization will have buses available.

Is food provided to volunteers by the Green Helmets?

Yes, fruit will be offered to volunteers during the day, but it is still advisable to bring some of your own food.

Is it possible to bring pets?

No, for security and logistical reasons, pets are not allowed to attend the Green Helmets volunteer days, unless they are assistance dogs or are expressly permitted to attend by the event management.

Are the volunteers trained?

Yes, before starting the volunteer day, a basic training on reforestation and environmental conservation will be conducted.

How many places are there for each volunteer day?

The number of places available for each volunteer day may vary depending on the area, the day and the number of seedlings available. Interested volunteers will be informed of the number of places available at least one week before each day.

Is experience required to participate in the private volunteer days?

No previous experience is necessary to participate in the Green Helmets volunteer days. The workshops are designed so that anyone can participate, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge in reforestation and environmental conservation. At all times there will be monitors controlling each of the activities to make the work easier for the volunteers.