Ideas that can inspire your project

  • Creation of insect hotels. Sometimes it is necessary to promote the presence of pollinating insects, this is the case in urban gardens and parks, where the presence of insects is essential for plant reproduction, flower and fruit development, etc.

  • Construction of water supply points for fauna in the mountains. In the summer it is highly recommended to maintain stable water points in forest areas so that fauna can hydrate in case any river in the area carries water.

  • Creation of nest boxes/bat boxes. Creation of nest boxes/bat boxes. Birds such as swallows, Northern House Martin, and swifts build their nests in urban environments. Furthermore, bats are insectivorous animals that remove enormous flying insects from cities and towns. Mosquitoes are one of their favorite foods.

  • Trash cleanup. Garbage is constituted by those human wastes that we find in nature and that somehow we do not identify as such because they have been there for a long time being part of a degraded and polluted landscape. Eliminating this waste means returning the area to its original natural state, contributing to having a clean and decontaminated space.

  • Thinning of forest area (removal of shoots to provide vigorous growth for the rest). Creation of biodiversity islands in roundabouts, open fields, flowerbeds, etc. Biodiversity islands are spaces of vegetable living organisms that represent each of the strata of a Mediterranean forest. With them, you can achieve a small proportion of the countryside in the city.

  • Beach cleaning. There is a lot of waste that ends up in the sea. A positive action for the environment is always to recover waste that is in the sea, on the shore of the beach, in a river, etc.

  • A beneficial action for the forest in addition to reforestation is thinning. It is about eliminating excess plant growth so that in dry times there is less risk of fire and in this way also favoring the growth of plants.

  • Cleanup of tips Certain points in the city are sometimes misused as dumps/tips. It's important to enhance these areas' cleaning and transport these wastes to the corresponding cleaning points.

  • Tree planting + wooden nameplates for newborns. Carry out a symbolic reforestation of an emblematic place, for example, to commemorate the newborns in a village and that this tree will accompany them throughout their lives growing with them.

  • Remove guides and protectors from other reforestations to clean the field of plastics and dirt. Just as it is important to reforest, it is also important to take care of the plants resulting from reforestation. There are many reforested areas in which the trees still retain both the stakes and the protectors of the day they were planted, this prevents their growth and also makes the field dirty with plastics.

  • Equip a public space with renewable energy production systems. Install solar panels or small wind turbines in a specific area of the city, village, urbanization.

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