Don't stop participating. Your educational center can be chosen and become a management model in sustainable projects.

Microprojects are small actions as Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) that aim to improve the environment and the community in which we live. These actions can be beneficial for both the natural environment and society.

It is possible to implement Nature-Based Solutions in your nearby environment. For example, a reforestation project in a local park, help collect and recycle waste in your community, or collaborate with your city council to establish a more efficient public transportation system with less environmental impact. There is no limit to ideas, if they contribute to the better well-being of our environment and society.

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1.Promote the development and implementation of conservation and restoration projects of the natural environment , which at the same time helps to develop wonder, curiosity, and research as an essential part of the educational process and personal and social growth.

2. Financially support actions aimed to transform eco-social education through the implementation of nature-based projects (SBN), following the Objectives of Sustainable Development of the 2030 Agenda.

3. Fostering learning environments that facilitate changes in the organizational culture of the center, transdisciplinarity, teamwork, and transversality of the learning and teaching process.

4. Promote actions that encourage active methodologies that contribute to changing the teaching practices and promote the development of students' key competencies from the eco-social dimension.


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